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and about changes again….RSMS

Yesterday Piotr Ferenc attended meeting for migration agents organized in Brisbane Information provided by Immigration or Home Affairs as they called themselves now, are still very vague. 9 days from possible cat off date, all we got are general, vague ideas of intention not actual changes. Part of the reason is that it still hasn’t been […]

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186 /187 Changes being introduced for March 2018

So far still very vague, however…. Skilled occupation lists: The MLTSSL will apply to the ENS and the RSMS, with additional occupations available through the RSMS to support regional employers Salary arrangements: the new market salary framework planned to be introduced for the TSS visa will also apply to ENS and RSMS, including Temporary Skilled […]

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457 Upcoming changes to the skilled visa programs for March 2018.

Upcoming changes to the skilled visa programs for March 2018. We hope to know more this afternoon so stay conected Including: Temporary Skill Shortage visa (subclass 482) (referred to by the Department as the ‘TSS visa’)and related changes to the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) (subclass 186) and the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) (subclass 187) […]

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Changes to the lists of eligible skilled occupations

As of 18 January 2018 following occupatin experince some changes. If you are not sure what it means for you, read more about llists and caveats here. Property Manager, Psychotherapist, Real Estate Representative , will be added to the STSOL. Some significant Caveat are applicable. Horse Breeder, Management Consultant will be moved from the STSOL to the MTLSSL. Building Associate, Hair or […]

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Allocation dates for General Skilled Migration applications

Allocation dates for General Skilled Migration applications ​​General Skilled Migration (GSM) processing centres allocate applications in accordance with priority processing arrangements; and to meet the Migration Program planning levels set by the Australian Government. This information will be updated in early December 2017. Effective 1 July 2017, the minister set priority processing arrangements for certain skilled […]

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Processing time

Update from 20 July 2017 According to the immigration department those are time frame for processing most common applications. Based on our experience we have added some comments:

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Living in South Australia on a 457?

Temporary residents on a 457 visa in South Australia may have a new route to permanent residency. Recent changes saw immigration announce the impending abolition of the 457 visa which will be replaced in March 2018 by the TSS visa and in conjunction the removal of 218 occupations from the list of suitable sponsored occupations. […]

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