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482 Temporary Skill Shortage visa

Old 457 – now 482 Temporary Skill Shortage visa (TSS)

482-  so called TSS visa enables employers to employ genuinely skilled workers where they cannot source an appropriately skilled Australian. It allows to use of overseas workers to fill temporary skill shortages on labor market. TSS visa holders can work in Australia in one occupation for one employer.

To apply you must:

You must have the skills to fill a position, each position has different requirements

English requirements

Less than 45 year old

Australian employers and overseas employees can sponsor a skilled worker under a 482 visa for any period of time, ranging from one day to 4 years. Depending on which listed position is available, you  can stay maximum  2 or 4 years. You can also renew 4 year visa or apply for Permanent residency.

Your family members may arrive to Australia with you, however Sponsor will have to agree to it.

The 482 Visa application is lodged in 3 stages

    Sponsorship for nomination Business
    Nomination for required position
     Application for employee


The first two stages are purely about and the responsibility of the Sponsor, these must be completed and paid for by the Sponsor

Once these two stages are approved, the Application stage can be processed and decided.

482 Visa Employer

Are you an Employer/Sponsor? – check information relevant for you – Read more.

  • A 482 visa employer must be approved as a sponsor before being able to recruit overseas workers under the 482 visa – they have to be granted sponsorship rights. All employees must be employer according to Australian standards. To read more about it check Fairwork Australia.
  • Businesses must not have anything adverse on their record pertaining to the business or anyone associated with the business.
  • Employers must also show a commitment to meeting Australia’s requirements for training. It is a fixed amount fro each year.
  • Labor market testing must meet new standards.. 4 weeks duration required within 4 months of visa lodgment.
  • Before a 482 visa application can be decided, an approved business sponsor nominates a position in their business that needs to be filled. This is the second stage of the 482 visa application called – Nomination.  The position must be highly skilled, appear on one of  the lists of occupations suitable for sponsorship and be remunerated at market salary rates above the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold.

You can apply for occupations on one of two different lists.

STS – Short term skilled occupation list – visa can be granted for maximum 2 years with no right to extend or apply for transitional permanent residency stream. List will be updated every 6 months.

M&LTS – Medium and Long Term Strategic Skilled list – visa can be granted up to 4 years, can be renewed and applicant can apply for transitional permanent residency stream.

Who Can Apply for 482 Visa?

  • Minimum wage meeting TSMIT, currently $53,900 per annum but also must meet market salary test
  • Usually offered a full time position however there is some flexibility
  • Be offered employment for a period of up to 4 years, deepens on the list
  • Work experience, qualifications and experience that match the requirements of the position and must also be according to ANZSCO standards. However in some situations, additional qualification recognition is required (this is dependent on the country and occupation)
  • English skills must be demonstrated as vocational which means IELTS score of above 5.0 overall and no lower than 4.5 in each element.

Additional conditions

An employee can include their family on their visa, as long as the employer supports this.
If the employment ceases, the applicant and included family would have 28 days to leave Australia or find a new Sponsor.
After 2 years on 482 visa you can apply for Permanent visa based on transitional arrangements. if position was nominated from M&L list.

Nomination Transfers

Where an individual holds a 482 visa and wishes to change occupations or transition to a new employer it may be possible to lodge a ‘Nomination Transfer’ to change the occupation or move the visa holder to the sponsorship of a new employer. In this situation the visa holder will continue to maintain the same visa with the same conditions and expiry date.

Visa fees

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Pacific Center  Immigration Agency can help you with:
Assessing your eligibility and chance of success
Manage your skills recognition (if required)
Assist employer with documentation including employment contracts, financial documents etc
Lodge Sponsorship and Nomination for Employer
Lodge visa application
Manage your bridging visa requirements
Stay in contact with Case Officer and respond when required.
Update you on current immigration policy and changes
Keep you up to date with progress of your application

OUR ADVANTAGE:  15 years of experience – international team speaking in 7 languages – professional library of templates for you and employer to use – advance technology to send, receive and store your documented safely- newest technology to track your documents, updates and expiry.



Once 482 visa is granted you can expect following condition in your grant lettetr.