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Allocation dates for General Skilled Migration applications

Allocation dates for General Skilled Migration applications

​​General Skilled Migration (GSM) processing centres allocate applications in accordance with priority processing arrangements; and to meet the Migration Program planning levels set by the Australian Government.

This information will be updated in early December 2017.

Effective 1 July 2017, the minister set priority processing arrangements for certain skilled migration visas. Allocation dates outlined below reflect these priority processing arrangements.

GSM allocation dates

The tables below list the earliest lodgement dates for applications that have been allocated to processing teams. You can use this information to calculate when your application may be allocated and to ensure your application is complete and ready for assessment.

GSM SkillSelect allocation information

Migration Program planning levels take precedence over priority processing arrangements in determining the order in which applications are considered. Allocations occur in accordance with the requirements of these planning levels. This means that when necessary applications in Priority Group 4 are allocated ahead of Priority Group 3.

Within each priority group, complete applications receive preference for assessment.

Priority processing information for GSM SkillSelect applications
Visa subclass Priority group 3 Priority group 4
189 Skilled – Independent (Points-tested) stream N/A* 21 September 2017
190 Skilled – Nominated 25 September 2017 N/A
489 Skilled – Regional 25 September 2017 1 September 2017


*N/A – indicates that the relevant visa subclass is not specified for this priority group

Further information about Priority groups  is available on our website.

GSM priority exempt allocation information

Visas listed below are exempt from the priority processing direction and applications are processed in the order in which they were received

Processing information for GSM priority exempt applications
Visa subclass Application date
489 Second Provisional Stream (Renewal) 30 October 2017
489 Subsequent Entrant 30 October 2017
887 Skilled – Regional 10 August 2017
​189 Skilled Independent (New Zealand) stream 14 August 2017​


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