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and about changes again….RSMS

Yesterday Piotr Ferenc attended meeting for migration agents organized in Brisbane

Information provided by Immigration or Home Affairs as they called themselves now, are still very vague. 9 days from possible cat off date, all we got are general, vague ideas of intention not actual changes. Part of the reason is that it still hasn’t been voted in Senate, which means changes can be delayed, changed (sic!) or completely forgotten.

However, reading between lines, it looks like something may happen after 10 March, very unlikely earlier.

It is confirmed that intention with RSMS program is to stop unexperienced students applying for jobs. In new system 3 years of work expereince4 after getting formal qualification will be required. Also TiSMIT $ 53900 will be applicable and new list of occupations will be in place. That part is still unknown.

Employers will also have to contribute for training found and it will be fix amount based on size of the business.

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