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187 refusal- not genuine position

I note that the Regional Certifying Body (RCB), Chamber of Commerce and Industry, …  has advised that this criterion is satisfied on a …….according to their assessment, and I place some weight on this assessment. It is my role as a delegate of the Minister to independently (of the RCB) consider whether the business has […]

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How to deal with business visa monitoring DIBP has a unit specializing in business monitoring. This unit is checking operations in businesses hiring overseas staff. Usually it is focused on businesses operating under SBS and hiring employees on 457 visas, but may also happen to businesses hiring under different type of visas like RSMS or […]

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Labour Agreement, what is it and is it worth to have it?

Labour Agreement is an agreement made directly between the Government and a company; which allows that approved company to sponsor employees from overseas. This agreement is similar to a 457 sponsorship, in that it is an alternative to business sponsorship. The roles accepted must be on the CSOL list of approved roles. The labour agreement […]

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457 Visa Monitoring doesn’t have to be scary

Monitoring is a process that the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) to check whether companies are compliant with the conditions of 457 Sponsorship. They check, the wage of nominated employees, their tasks and duties are in line with what they were intended to do in their employment contract and whether or not the […]

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Our client’s story

He came to Australia on 573 visa in 2008 and then applied for a 572 in 2010 visa which was refused. Than he applied for MRT, which was also as refused in 2012. So than he had been advice to apply  for ministerial intervention which was refused as well. 4 years, 4 refusals.  Than, he has […]

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When Immigration refuses a visa, there is a possibility in some cases to lodge a MRT (Migration Review Tribunal) case. We did this for our clients, over year ago; they got a refusal decision but we knew they should have had a successful verdict. It is a long and nervous processes as you not only […]

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