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Studying in Australia

There is good reason that Australia is one of the most sought after study locations in the world for international students. Aside from the fact that it is one of the most beautiful, diverse countries in the world with a climate to match, the education […]

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PERFECT STUDENT, do they exist?

In theory; young, male, well-educated individuals with a proven track record and carefully chosen subjects, from a wealthy-family and well-documented overseas trips, timely returning home and very good English, with strong family ties and very clear idea of his future and perfect knowledge about Australian […]

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Top Universities

Ever wanted to study  in Australia? A national survey has uncovered Australia’s Top Universities. Click here to find out more: Australia’s top universities We represent over 50 universities and colleges throughout Australia and have referred 1000’s of students over the past 10 years.   If this […]

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Overseas educational agents make troubles again

”…Student visa fraud out of control but DIBP still refuses to act against unregistered education brokers. Student visa applications face greater scrutiny as cancellations due to fake documentation increase by three-fold. Overseas education brokers are being blamed for the threefold increase in the number of […]

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Blog / News

When Immigration refuses a visa, there is a possibility in some cases to lodge a MRT (Migration Review Tribunal) case. We did this for our clients, over year ago; they got a refusal decision but we knew they should have had a successful verdict. It is a long and nervous processes as you not only […]

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