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Employer Sponsored visa

Temporary and permanent employer sponsored visa

Employer sponsored visa can be temporary or permanent and it can be applied anywhere in Australia. There is a few types of employer sponsored viosas. Each of them require first and most of all….. sponsor.

That programm is going to change significantly between 2017 and 2018 as temporary 457 employer sponsored visa will be replaced and RSMS and ENS, both permanent employer sponsored visas will have a diffrent conditions.

Temporary stream – 457 and training 407 visa:

Most common temporary employer sponsored visa is called 457 and it can be granted for period up to 4 years for people whose occupation is on MLT list and up to 2 years for those whose occupation is on ST SOl list.   It can be applied anywhere in Australia but there is many requirements from employee and mostly from employer. This type of an employer sponsored visa put some pressure on employer as it is strongly connected to political decisions, and each government make sure it wont be seen as cheap overseas workforce replacement.

This is why there are high requirements such as:

  • minimum salary
  • commitments to training for Australians
  • and evidence of proper recruitment efforts

Once granted, applicant can apply for permanent visa after meeting certain conditions in so called transitional arrangement.

Possible options:
1. 457 visa ( 457 visa will be replaced in march 2018 by new skilled type visa. Until than small changes  are introduced)
2. 407 training visa

Permanent employer sponsored visa:

Employer may choose to sponsor employee on permanent visa without going through temporary stage. To do so both parties must meet some criteria.

Employee is usually required to have better English test result. For regional employer sponsored visa, employer must be located in regional area.

For ENS visa, employer business can be located anywhere in Australia.

Are you an Employer/Sponsor, check information relevant for you – Read more.

Possible options:
1. Regional sponsored visa RSMS 187
2. Employer sponsored visa ENS 186