What we call as a Family stream, you may find 3 main family visa sub classes: 

  Partner – reserved for people who are together as marriage, engagement or de-facto or plan to marry.Parent

Spouse / Partner visa

There are a few options for Australian’s who have Partners from overseas: type of family visa that is most suitable depends on your personal situation.
Important factors to consider are these:

  • How long have you been together?
  • Do you live together?
  • Are you married or planning to be?
  • Do you have children?

Based on these factors, you may be eligible to apply for one of Partner / Spouse visa.
Both these family visas are temporary, but they lead you towards applying for the permanent visa stage after further 2 years.
If applying for any of these family visa you will have to have prove of your strong commitment on many different levels. It will be tested over time, carefully. Many people believe it is an easy and straightforward process: we love each other so we will get visa. We are sorry, but it does not work this way.
The Australian Immigration system is very careful and very strict in this matter and you will be required to show a huge variety of evidence. The full process may take up to 5 years, from the first application until Permanent residency is granted.

Child visa

This situation usually happens when for some reason parents could not include a child in an original visa or when other family members are adopting child/children. It is never easy to be separated from your child but sometimes it has to be done. To re-unite your family, there is the child visa.
The application is lodged in the country where your child lives and this means that the processing times can vary. In the worst case scenarios, this can take up to a year. Depending on the age, personal situation and your relationship to the child, different levels of evidence will be required.
The situation can become fairly complicated when the child/children are over 16 years old.

Parent visa

For new Australians there is an option to bring their parents from overseas to live in Australia. It is a long and difficult process but always worth it!
First you must pass the ‘balance of family’ test. This means that the majority of your parents children must live in Australia.
Then you have two options. You can choose between the Contributory Parent visa or Aged Parent visa.
Contributory Parent visa processing time is approximately 1 year but the fee for it is high.
The Primary Applicant at this stage pays $ 43,000.00
Fees are quite complex and can be used in different configurations because the visa has two options: temporary then permanent or just permanent. To get a full quotation, please contact us.
A security bond is also required from the Sponsor.
The other option, called an Aged Parent visa is available for parents older than 65 at the time of application. This visa attracts a standard visa fee, without a bond or security contribution scheme, however the processing time is over 10 years.