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About us

What makes our migration agency different

Pacific Center Planet of Adventures Pty Ltd has been registered in Australia since 2003. Since then, we have been helping people to study, work and migrate to Australia. We provide you with specialised and professionally qualified assistance with all Australian migration law matters.

Our offices are located in Queensland: The Whitsundays,  The Sunshine Coast and newly opened Brisbane office.We specialise in online services, which gives us the possibility to work with clients in any part of the world.

We specialise in Regional migration, Temporary migration (457 visa), and family migration including Spouse, Parent/ Parents and Child visa’s. We also regularly work with International Students, offering educational agency arrangements, including referral, enrolment and visa processing for prospective students.

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Piotr Ferenc
MRA MARN 0743766

Piotr started this company nearly 15 years ago. He is the Director and an RMA. All cases are in his hands and he dictates action plan.

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Karolina Ferenc
the one

Karolina is in charge of marketing and finances. She is also supervising cases and assists employers with HR matters.

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Kristin Barnes
Case Manager

Kristin looks after all aspects of your case until the happy ending. She likes chocolate, diamonds and flowers .

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Beth Rasdall
office manager

Beth is in charge of... everything. Lodged cases, new cases, old cases... see Beth. Don't let that calm voice fool you 😉

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Brittney DeBoni

Youngest kid in the block. Britt supports everybody in all cases. She is our receptionist and admin. She is in charge of appointments.

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Agata Sepska
Polish Market Case Manager

After a few months spent in Australia, Agata is now back in Poland. She is now in charge of the Polish market and all student visa enrolments and cases.

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What we offer

With 10 years of experience and thousands of successful cases behind us, we can proudly declare – we know the job. You may check our credentials here.


We have the knowledge, experience and resources to assist you and your employer in making the application process as easy and clear as possible.

We offer full support in compiling, preparation and lodgement of all documents required.

The Immigration process is stressful enough and requires a huge commitment from employers and we understand that not everybody has the time, knowledge and  resources to prepare all the necessary documents up to the standards needed. This is why we offer support to employers with matters such employment contracts, employment law or record keeping.

Every client is assigned a case manager within our office to work with, whom you may contact whenever you want. No appointments are necessary. Your case manager will work closely with our Migration Agent, your employer, accountants, HR etc. to make sure your case is run the best way possible.

We keep ’’Lawyer talk’’ for The Department of Immigration and deliver clear, easy to understand information to you. We believe it is important for you to understand what is happening, what is expected and what the process will look like. This is why we do not hide behind big words and complicated procedural explanations. We will communicate in a way in which everybody understands what is happening.

With our individual approach to each case, we make sure you have the highest possible chance of success. We don’t lodge an application, we prepare them to win. It is a common misunderstanding that we just put documents together and send them to Immigration; nothing could be further from the reality. Our role is to challenge each document, ask questions, to make sure that what is presented will make sense to the case officer. This is why we ask a lot of questions, but we prefer to be safe than sorry.

Our extended experience in Regional, Sponsored and Family Migration allows us to deal even with most complicated cases.  If you think that your case is difficult or unusual, test us, as we will have already had one like yours.

Immigration law is changing and migration is getting more and more difficult, the cases we deal with are getting more complex and complicated every day. This actually works to our advantage, our extended experience and knowledge of the cases means the difficult cases don’t scare us.