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Migration Agent

This is what DIBP says ”…The department accepts all applications lodged, regardless of who lodges them.  However, if you do not feel confident in lodging an application, or if your case is complex, you may want to engage a registered migration agent to help you in your dealings with the department…”

Migration agent, the same as any layer or accountant, represents you in dealing with Immigration department.

Most important is to understand what migration agent can and will do for you. There are some general rules describing migration agent activities and it is vaguely described in Migration Agent Code of Conduct, but each migration agent has right to adjust contract to clarify services included.

Our agency is mostly working on lump sum contracts. It means that, we offer to run case for fixed sum, regardless how much work we will put in it.

Below you will find list of most important activities we will assist you with. Of course each visa and each case is different but when we work on the case, we do everything from start to finish. no extra costs.

Pacific Center  Immigration Agency includes in in our services:
Assess your eligibility and chance of success.
Manage your skills recognition if required
Assist employer with documentation including employment contracts, financial documents etc
Lodge a visa application
Manage your bridging visa requirements, if applicable
Provide advice regarding Australian migration law
Stay in contact with Case officer and respond when required.
Follow up with DIBP  when required.

We also offer Immigration News services, keeping you with up to date Immigration  changes which may affect your employees’ status for temporary or permanent residence. We make sure you and your staff are well informed in easy and not overwhelming way. We use social media to communicate changes and important updates.

Our top class system, allow us to track important dates fro you and your case. You may expect to receive information that ensures all parts of your business is aligned for immigration processing, including;

  • Advice on business processes required by the Department of Immigration
  • Record keeping activities and ancillary services
  • Work rights on visa applications
  • Advice when employment condition are changing
  • Keeping track of deadlines for sponsor obligations

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