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Processing time

Update from 20 July 2017

According to the immigration department those are time frame for processing most common applications.

Based on our experience we have added some comments:

visa typeStandart processing time fro 90% of visasOur comments
600 visitor16-30 daysWhan paper based application is required, add at least 7-10 days for delivery
186 ENS9-12 monthsTransitional arrangements seems to go little faster.
187 RSMS13-15 monthsCurent changes affected lodged last yera application and curently we can see application from april 2016 still waiting
189, 190, 489 Skilled 8-14 months
457 visa 2-6 monthsOur expereince shows at lease double time for 90% applications.
500 Student1-3 monthsLongest it takes for VET courses. We see little diffrence for online application off or on shore.
Spouse / Partner 18-21 months

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