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Regional Sponsored RSMS Visa (187)

UPDATES!!!! as 17 November 2017 DIBP amending the geographic boundaries for RSMS to exclude Perth and surrounding area. Find out more here

There are two permanent, sponsored type of visas.
187 (RSMS visa) Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa
186 (ENS visa) Employer Nomination Scheme Visa


The RSMS visa is a permanent visa available in regional areas of Australia. The application contains 3 stages: regional body approval, nomination by employer and the application for employee.

To be eligible for the RSMS visa you can apply under the direct stream, or transitional stream after 2 years on 457 visa.  RSMS visa has a number of benefits, both for the Employee and Employer. Once the visa is granted the employee has PR status in Australia and due to this, can be eligible for a number of benefits. Also it is a safer option, than temporary visa if something goes wrong with employment.

As in most of the cases, there are many conditions and factors that would be considered, but full assessment is only possible once we have access to all information and documents. Please consider the information provided here as a general introduction.

Who can apply for RSMS visa?

  • A person with employment offer for a minimum of 2 years of full time employment.
  • IELTS score with a minimum score of 6.0 in each element. To see other option for English testing. Click here.
  • Skilled position and suitable qualifications and work experience, based on ANZSCO. To check accepted jobs please click here.
  • For a trade occupation, 2 years of experience is necessary

You may think that the description seems vague, unfortunately there is no simple answer about who is suitable, it is a combination of many factors. This is why to properly assess your eligibility we need to have access to all documents and information.

rsms visa



Pacific Center  Immigration Agency can help you with:
Assessing your eligibility and chances of success.
Manage your Skills Recognition or Recognition of Prior Learning if required
Assist employers with documentation including employment contracts, financial documents etc
Lodge a visa application
Manage your bridging visa requirements, if applicable
Provide advice regarding Australian migration law
Stay in contact with Case officer and respond when required.
Follow up with DIBP  when required.

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