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Sponsorship Visa to Australia

Becoming a Sponsor and Sponsorship Visas

Employers looking for overseas employees, have a few options to choose from, depending on the business location, the offered position, etc.

The commonly called Sponsored Visa’s category and sponsorship visa are divided in two categories:

  • Temporary 457 visa required employer to obtain business sponsorship (SBS) first.
  • Permanent visa as RSMS or ENS require business to nominate position.

There are many factors to be considered and they are different for each case. Below is an explanation of the differences for the most popular sponsored visas.

Permanent Visa

187/RSMS & 186 ENS

These are permanent visas, RSMS is allowed in regional Australia only, ENS is permitted throughout the country. There are some differences between the two visa categories which is explained in detail here, however the general idea is the same, only the location is different. To find out where is classed as regional Australia, click here.  The Employer must have a business located in one of those locations and also:

  • Offer full time employment for a of minimum 2 years.
  • The position must be suitable, the easiest way to determine that is to contact us. Immigration has very specific requirements and often we see application’s failing only due to vocabulary or a general misunderstanding of a job description or employment condition.
  • The business must present evidence of recruitment attempts.
  • There is no minimum wage required but it must be tested for market salary rate and must be at last as in relevant award.

Processing time depends on how well the application is prepared. Without any additional requests from the Immigration Department, it takes between 9 – 15 months.

Application starts with approval from regional body confirming condition of employments and relevant regional information.

Our role is to assist employers with documents preparation, but we can not create documents for the employer. Often we work with employers accountants to ensure all documents are well prepared.

It is a permanent visa, and only condition is that the Employee must work for the Employer for minimum 2 years.

Pacific Center can help you:

Assess your and Sponsors / Employers eligibility
Lodge your Regional Certification Body
Lodge a visa application and nomination for the Business
Manage your bridging visa requirements, if applicable
Provide advice regarding Australian migration law
Contact Immigration Department and Case Officer when required or in case of request fro more information.

We also offer Immigration News services, keeping you with up to date Immigration changes, which may affect your employees’ status for temporary or permanent residence. We make sure you and your staff are well informed in an easy and not overwhelming way. We use social media to communicate changes and important updates.

Our top class system, allows us to track important dates for you and your case. You may expect to receive information that ensures all parts of your business is aligned for immigration processing, including;

  • Advice on business processes required by the Department of Immigration
  • Record keeping activities and ancillary services
  • Work rights on visa applications
  • Advice when employment condition are changing
  • Keeping track of deadlines for sponsor obligations

Temporary visa

457 visa

The 457 visa can be granted for a period of time between 1 month to 4 years. It is not related to any region and can be applied for in any part of Australia; both regional and metropolitan.

It requires a minimum salary called SMITH, currently $53, 900 per annum in basic salary. During employment the salary must be adjusted accordingly and we help our Employers to stay on the top of this.

Other general conditions for the Employer to meet includeS:

  • position must be full time
  • wages must not only be above SMITH level but also must meet market salary rate
  • position must be suitable for the visa, meaning it must be listed
  • Employer must show expenditure for training for Australian citizens. Training obligations vary and this has to be calculated carefully. Generally the Employer must pay a minimum of 1% of payroll in training costs or 2% to an occupation fund.

The Sponsor must first apply for Sponsorship and Nomination approval. There is a lot of paperwork required but we work closely with our clients or accountants to make sure all the evidence is correct.

Sponsorship and nominations must be paid in full by the Employer and they must not expect the Employee to refund the cost. Once those two stages are approved, the visa application can be lodged.

At  present the whole process with well prepared documents takes 4-6 weeks.

It is important for the Employer to know that temporary visas require some conditions such as:

  • the Employee must have private health insurance
  • the Employer may be required to pay for a return ticket for the Employee
  • wages and work conditions must not be less favorable than to Australian Employees.

New Businesses are also eligible to apply for 457.

If you want to find out if you can apply for 457 visa, contact us or use the form below.


Pacific Center Australia can help you:

Assess your and Sponsor / Employer eligibility

Lodge a sponsorship and nomination for Business
Lodge application for you
Manage your skills assessment or qualification recognition
Manage your bridging visa requirements, if applicable
Provide advice regarding Australian migration law
Contact Immigration Department and Case Officer when required or in case of request fro more information.


This is a training visa, designed for young people who haven’t yet graduated and they are looking to gain extra work experience within Australia.

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