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482 Temporary Skill Shortage visa

Old 457 – new 482 Temporary Skill Shortage visa (TSS)

482 visa  -so called TSS it is a new visa, allowing Employer to hire overseas professional if  there is no suitable Australian on the labor market.

How long 482 visa is granted fro deepens on applicant’s occupation. Australian employer may sponsor an applicant fro temporary 482 visa when labour market testing had been done and there is no Australian applicants who meet criteria.

  •  482 visa can be granted for period from 1 day (sic!) to 2 or 4 years.  How long 482 visa is granted for deepens on applicant’s occupation.
  • Employer may be located anywhere in Australia. It can be regional Australia or metropolitan area.
  • Proposed occupation for applicant must be on one of those two lists: STSL lub MLTSSL
  • You must have a full time work offer from Australian employer.
  • You must have minimum 2 years of relevant work experience after getting formal qualifications.
  • English requirements deepens on nominated occupation.
  • Wages must be within Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT)
Short Term List (STSL)  It is a list of occupations giving a right to apply for maximum 2 year visa, with one more extension. Application based on occupation from STSL list do not give you right to apply for PR in so called Transitional Arrangement.
Medium & Long Term List (MLTSSL) is a list with occupations accepted as strategic for Australian economy. Occupations from MLTSSL list give you right to apply fro a 482 visa with up to 4 years stay, it can be renewed unlimited number of times and it may lead to PR application in Transitional Stream.
There are 3 stages of 482 visa application.
  • Sponsorship – for business
  • Nomination – for occupation
  • Application for you.

All stages can be lodged at the same time.
You may add your family members to the application at addition visa cost and with written permission from employer.
To apply you can be in Australia or not.
Once your employment contract finish, you have 28 days to leave Australia or apply for new visa..
It is possible to change employer, however nomination must be transferred and new employer must have sponsorship rights.
While you are on 482 visa, you may work only for one employer- sponsor.

Visa fees

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Once your 482 visa is granted you can expect following condition in your grant letter.