820 Partner visa

Partner visa (sub classes 820) is designed for partners of Australian residents, citizens and eligible New Zealanders. It is a temporary visa, which may lead to Permanent visa subclass 801. It has to be applied onshore

  • you must be in genuine relationship with Australian resident, citizen or eligible New Zealander.
  • you may apply based on marriage certificate, civil partner relationship certificate or evidence of de-facto relationship.
  • Australia accept the same sex partners
  • Applicant must be in Australia at the time of application

Partner visa subclass 820 it is temporary visa, with indefinite stay, until permanent residency is granted.

Marriage certificate, civil partner relationship certificate without relevant evidence of genuine relationship wont be sufficient to have visa granted.

Dependent children may be included in application.

Who can be a Sponsor for partner visa?

  • Australian resident or citizen
  • Eligible New Zealander
  • Person with criminal convictions must disclose it to applicant and immigration department.
  • Sponsor may also have additional limitations based on past visa history.


UPDATE! On 29/11/2018 Parliament voted yes to Partner/ Spouse visa changes which were discussed since 2016. We do not know official date when changes will be introduced. Most important will be fact that Sponsorship fro Partner visa, must be finalized BEFORE application can be lodged, not like now when we can lodged both at the same time. What it means for you! Twice as long waiting time for final decision & NO BRIDGING Visa while you are waiting for Sponsorship decision.
So if you consider applying fro Spouse visa- do it now!