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The 457 visa has always been strongly effected by political decisions. Now, DIBP seems to focus on refusing, refusing and refusing 457 applications. 15% more applications were lodged last year with a 5% decrease in approvals. This affects SBS (Sponsorship) , nomination and application. A favorite excuse is ‘lack of genuine position’, as it opens all […]

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‘IMMI’ is now ‘DIBP’, will it make a difference?

As of 1 July 2015 ‘Immi’ changed to ‘DIBP’ – Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Theoretically, it doesn’t mean much, except for a new website and email addresses, however there is many personnel changes and that will effects applications. Many staff members, including MRT (AAT) Judges have been replaced by ex-border security staff who […]

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Minister Cash has a new challenge – 457

Again and again there is discussion about streamlining and monitoring on 457 visas. This time there is a new idea to link ATO with DIBP to make sure employees are paid correctly. “The Government will introduce a new penalty making it unlawful for sponsors to receive payment in return for sponsoring a worker for a […]

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Do you think we are a pain? Well, we are and actually proud of it ;-)

Throughout our work, some could accuse us of being nit-picky and pedantic when it comes to documents. However, there is a reason for this. While some agents are happy to take whatever their clients give to them, we scrutinise and analyse everything. This is because our clients have paid us to represent them in the […]

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Immigration Department – 13 18 81 should we call it the “To-Hell-Line”

Often people have questions about the status of their visa, whether it is a pending application or a query about a new application. The most logical place people look for answers is with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. However, many people are left more confused after calling their 131 881 helpline, a helpline […]

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