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Category Archives: RSMS / ENS

The Northern Territory Government’s ‘Welcome to the Territory’ program

The Northern Territory Government’s ‘Welcome to the Territory’ incentives will boost the Territory’s population and create more jobs. The ‘Welcome to the Territory’ incentives are part of the Northern Territory Population Growth Strategy 2018 – 2028, which aims to create 21 000 jobs and boost the Territory’s economy by $10 billion over the next ten […]

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Employer Sponsored visa training requirments

Update made on 12/08/2018 at least two advertisements were published in any of the below: on a prominent or professional recruitment website with national reach (for that publishes advertisements for positions throughout Australia. Note: industry specific recruitment websites relevant to the occupation that are in significant use by the industry are an acceptable method […]

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155 Resident Return visa

 155 Resident Return visa Features ​​​​​A Resident Return visa is a travel facility for: current Australian permanent residents some former Australian permanent residents some former Australian citizens. You will need a Resident Return visa if the travel facility on your current visa has expired (your first granted permanent visa has a 5 year travel facility) […]

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253 Occupations for Short‑term Skilled Occupation List for 457 short stay visa

Short‑term Skilled Occupation List of 253 available for short stay, maximum 2 years , 457 visa positions.  Other requirements are not changed, except ENS transitional won’t be available and renewal of that visa won’t be available. English and skills levels stays the same. Additional restrictions are applicable, defining environment when the position can be approved. […]

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178 Occupations on Medium and Long‑term Strategic Skills List for ENS/ RSMS long stay 457 visa

Lucky 178 occupations available for RSMS/ ENS and long stay 457 visa as of July 2017. Those occupations will allow for permanent migration to Australia. Other requirements stay similar to what it used to be, except: Maximum age 45 years old No English and skills exemptions for high salary earners. ENS / RSMS in transitional arrangements requires […]

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Employer Sponsored Visa Changes

The New Budget and What it Means For You! As many of you are aware of, the Department of Immigration have made quite a lot of changes over the past few months including – visa application requirements, application prices, training benchmark requirements and more. Below we have listed some of the changes and some information […]

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