Families arriving to Australia on a student visa must be aware that children of school age must study. In Australia the School age is 5 to 16. There is a lot of confusion and often Parents get themselves in trouble because of they forget or neglect the requirements.

Children younger than 5, don’t have to go to school and can stay home. They can attend childcare or kindergarten but when parents are not eligible for Centerlink benefits, they must pay full fee. This is starting from $80 a day and can go as high as few hundred dollars a day in big cities.

Children older than 5 must study but if they are on tourist visa, they wont be eligible to study for more than 3 months. It is a condition of this visa.

You may enrol your child to private or public school.

Some private schools can issue a CoE for a child and then the child can be considered as independent student (eligible for a 571 visa) but most of the time a written offer of enrollment is required.  Private schools have varying fees and it is up to parents to negotiate payments. It can be any amount from few hundred per term up to thousands of dollars.

Enrolment to public school can be organized through EQI for Queensland and each state will have separate organisations responsible. To use their services parents must provide:

–  Educational record for last two years of school

– Child’s passport

– Application (we can assist with)

It is flat fee of approximately $12 000.00 per year. Enrolment can be done for years or terms. More information about fees can be found here.