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Crucial changes to requirements for the 457 visa– effective immediately!

Individuals applying for the Temporary Skilled 457 visa will now be formally required to fulfil a number of new obligations, set out by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. One of these major changes will be that applicants will now be required to obtain compulsory licensing or registration for their nominated position within 90 days of arriving in Australia or within the same time frame if they are already in the country when their visa is granted. Holders of the 457 visa must also commence work within 90 days of arriving in Australia or within 90 days of being granted a visa if already in Australia at the time the application was made. These new requirements are designed to eliminate some of the confusion of this visa, and impose stricter guidelines on the time frame of their right to work, this way immigration will greater power to monitor businesses and applicants adherence to the requirements.

With these types of visas’ becoming ever more complex and requirements set by the Department increasing all the time, it is important we are here to help you understand and work with you to try and ensure all these requirements are met and your case is as strong as possible.


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