There are many different types of English courses in Australia. You may choose a General English course: offering classes from Beginners to Advanced or IELTS preparation classes. These are strongly recommended for people who need a good IELTS score for Immigration or further education purposes (e.g University, also available English for University preparation). You can choose Cambridge or TOEIC Preparation, English for Business, for Teachers etc.

For a student visa, the minimum study is 20 hrs per week, but each school have set programs which differ, so you may study 4 or 5 days a week, in the mornings or afternoons.

Some schools will have campuses in different parts of Australia and you can travel between them. If you plan to study Vocational or a University Course after, you may want to consider ”combined arrangements” so you are enrolled in both when the visa is granted: meaning the English course and further course in one. combination Some higher education providers will accept you for theirs classes without IELTS as long as you have studied with their preferred English provider.  this is a great and a safer option for many applicants.

Most schools have the option to start courses every week. Usually you can change between classes without a problem. Fees are calculated on weekly basis and usually 6 months worth of payment is required to get a CoE. Enrollment to English classes sometimes is required to obtain a CoE for VET courses.

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