What to Expect when you Move to Australia

When many people think of Australia, they can have a pretty narrow idea of what Australia will be like.
When it comes to the weather for example, many people can only imagine the entirety of Australia being bathed in constant summer sun.
The reality is that Australia is a diverse and complicated country, and that there is many things you should be prepared for.

The first thing is the weather. Do not pack only shorts and tank tops for your journey down under because in your mind its scorching hot every day.
Australia can absolutely get cold, especially if the city you’re headed to is Melbourne.
Melbourne can get down to freezing temperatures in June and July, something that can really catch a lot of people off-guard.
However even when it’s cold keep your sunscreen handy, because it is true what people say about the ozone layer above Australia. We really don’t have much protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, so make sure you’re protected. Skin cancer is an enormous killer for us, so better to always be prepared.

Another thing to prepare for is deadly creatures, we have a lot of them. Be wary of signs that warn you of deadly creatures and take them seriously. Signs on beaches warning of sharks and signs on rivers warning of crocodiles are not suggestions or there to make you scared, they’re there because we have a lot of deadly creatures living all around us.
Australia is home to the worlds deadliest spiders and snakes, and it’s during summer time that they love to emerge and make themselves known, especially up north.
Keep an eye out and be smart. Don’t agitate these animals, leave them alone; and don’t ignore warning signs.
If you are bitten by something, have it checked immediately. If you’re stung by an octopus or jellyfish at the beach, let a lifesaver know immediately. If what stung you is poisonous he may be carrying the right anti-venom, if not he will get you to medical care quickly.
If you’re not at the beach but are bitten by a snake or a spider seek medical help immediately, don’t wait and don’t self diagnose.

The final thing to expect when you arrive is the price of just about everything. Compared to the rest of the world, Australia is a very expensive place to live.
There are many reasons for this, part of the reason is that Australia is a remote island that is far away from every other major country. Another reason is our tax rate, and other Governmental reasons. But the major reason is our pay-rate. People in Australia earn far more money per hour than most other countries, this is reflected in the costs of goods and services. This means that for people visiting Australia many things are far too highly priced. However it also means that now that you’ll be earning an Australian salary, you should find it easy to save up and convert those dollars very nicely into your home currency.

Those are just a few things you should expect when you come to Australia. There’s lots more, but you’ll have to come and see for yourself.