Local, well known cabinetmaking company in Bowen, located in North Queensland in regional area is looking for:

Person with  cabinetmaking, joinery or wood working experience.

Applicant must: Have very good English skilled, English test will be required.

Must have formal qualification in carpentry and minimum 3 years of experience after completion of apprentice or qualifications.

You may be required to do following tasks:

  • studying drawings and specifications to determine materials required, dimensions and installation procedures
  • ordering and selecting timbers and materials, and preparing layouts
  • cutting materials, and assembling and nailing cut and shaped parts
  • erecting framework and roof framing, laying sub-flooring and floorboards and verifying trueness of structures
  • nailing fascia panels, sheathing roofs, and fitting exterior wall cladding and door and window frames
  • assembling prepared wood to form structures and fittings ready to install
  • cutting wood joints
  • may construct concrete formwork
  • may repair existing fittings
  • may work with plastic laminates, perspex and metals