Often people have questions about the status of their visa, whether it is a pending application or a query about a new application. The most logical place people look for answers is with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. However, many people are left more confused after calling their 131 881 helpline, a helpline that is set up to assist but does the exact opposite. So many cases end in people being given the wrong advice.

The advice that they give is all GENERAL, what they tell you over the phone has no relation to your situation, possibilities or genuine chances at visa success.

One of our real life Examples:

A man went to another Migration Agent to lodge a Permanent Skilled work visa – 7 months later he called the Immigration Helpline to be told that the application was never lodged and he had been illegally in Australia for 7 months. Then, he called and asked if he could lodge a student visa instead. They told him; yes of course he could lodge it. Technically they hadn’t provided any wrong information, there was no problem in lodging it and paying the fee, but he would unquestionably be refused 10 minutes later – with no refund.

The Immigration helpline do not provide advice SPECIFIC to any case or advice anyone about the chances of success. After this he came to us, we sent him back to Europe and lodged his student visa offshore, which was granted. He is now in Australia in the process of permanent residency – a situation that could have been resolved 5 years ago.

Registered Migration Agent’s (RMA’s) are legally trained and qualified to give you immigration advice. If you need help, seek it from a Migration Agent, not a faceless helpline.

See the article below for more info on dramatic problems with the helpline.