To serve you at the best level,. we offer you an access to our professional library of templates, you may use.

please also visit FAQ, we create them based on questions we were asked. you will find there short and clear answers with links and templates you can use.

FAQ 482 Sponsors–  ( employment contract, job description and advertising)

FAQ Skilled visa – recognition of qualifications


General Templates:

In this page you will see general templates and forms which you may use such as 956 Form, 929 Form, Statutory Declaration Form and more. You can download these forms and edit them to suit your particular case and situation. Once you have used the template and everything has been filled in correctly, simply send this to us to add to your file!


Spouse Visa Templates:

Templates for the spouse visa have also been included, such as statutory declaration form, AFP consent form, registration of relationship documents and more.


Work Visa Templates:

Here we have created many different templates for both applicants and sponsors for work visas such as 187. Please see the page for templates of support letter, organisational chart, work references and more.