Details on how to book your Medical examination can be found in your HAP ID letter, this letter can be downloaded from your online Portal after lodgment of your visa. If for some reason you don’t have this letter, please let us know and we will re-upload it. Please be aware that once a document has been uploaded to the Portal, there is a time frame of 14 days for you to download each particular document before it ‘expires’.

Applying for your Medical in Australia
If you are applying for a visa whilst in Australia, you must arrange your Medical examination through the current migration medical services provider and have your examinations processed online using our eMedical system.
The current migration medical services provider is Bupa Medical Visa Services.
To book an appointment with Bupa Medical Visa Services, please:

  • use their online booking tool available through their website at Bupa Medical Visa Services where possible, or
  • telephone 1300 794 919, if you do not have access to the internet or need to arrange a Carer visa assessment or a fitness to depart/travel assessment.

You can find information on the Bupa Medical Visa Services website about:

  • the fees and charges associated with visa medical appointments
  • Bupa locations in Australia
  • access to, and use of, interpreters during visa medical appointments.

But if you need to contact Bupa Medical Visa Services for further advice (for example, because you commenced your immigration health examinations with the previous provider, Medibank Health Solutions*), please contact Bupa Medical Visa Services by email at:
*Note: health exams generally have a validity period of 12 months. Therefore, if you completed your original health exams more than 12 months ago, Bupa Visa Medical Services might request new health exams as per our health policy requirements.

Applying for your Medical outside of Australia
If you are applying for a visa whilst outside Australia you must arrange your health examinations with a Panel Physician. A Panel Physician is a Doctor and/or a Radiologist who has been appointed to perform Australian immigration health examinations outside of Australia.
To locate your closest Panel Physician, check the list of Panel Physicians on our website.
Panel Physicians are now able to process your health examinations online using our eMedical system in more than 100 countries – this means that your health results can be processed online, often in minutes. In some countries, you must use electronic health proc​essing.
If you are booking an appointment with an eMedical enabled clinic, you must provide a health identifier (HAP ID). We also encourage you to use eMedical Client before your appointment, as explained below.
Note: Panel clinics will expect clients who have lodged an online visa application to have completed the eMedical Client process online before attending their appointment.

Making your appointment – Instructions for the client

When making your appointment, please provide the clinic with your health identifying number (HAP ID) this is indicated at the top of your Medical Referral letter . Please make sure that you bring the following with you to your appointment:
• this referral letter (HAP ID)
• your prescription spectacles or contact lenses, if applicable
• existing specialist and/or other relevant medical reports for known medical conditions
• any previous chest x-rays
• a valid passport OR an agreed form of alternative documentation to confirm your identity