Our mission is to be a progressive educational and migration agency with highly reliable and honest local experts that offer easy to understand guidance for clients all around the world.

Premier migration Agency in Australia!

Pacific Center is an officially accredited MARN &PIER migration agency with over 15 years of experience serving clients all around the world. Our holistic approach to education and immigration services allow us to be the leading provider of helping people study, work and migrate to Australia.

Our experts understand and share our founding core values – Transparency, Reliability and Professionalism.

How do you know if Pacific Center is right for you?

  • Moving or planing to move to Australia?
  • Are you looking for a work, life or study in Australia?
  • Do you plan to ‘’enhance’’ your career with a world recognized schools or just polish your English skills?
  • Or you are simply new to migration procedures but need a head start?

Then YES it’s definitely MADE FOR YOU!!

Every step of the Way

The migration process is stressful enough and requires a huge commitment from you and we understand that not everybody has the time, knowledge and resources to prepare all the necessary documents up to the standards needed. This is why we offer support to applicants and employers in making the application process as easy and clear as possible. Our vast experience in Regional, Sponsored and Family Migration allows us to deal even with most complicated cases.  Yours won’t be any different!

Why choose Pacific Center as your next Migration Agency?

We leverage our past experience to develop a support system that enable you to persist and excel. We service thousands of clients all around the world but we ensure our process is personalized to every applicant. As a registered migration agency, we operate with strict protocol and renewed licensing each year.

Our online portals provide top class communication system; you can send documents from anywhere around the world without worrying about security of your private data. It also provides fast and accurate ‘’documents flow’’. Over the years, we have built a library of a documents which we make available for you.

Ongoing Support

We carefully take you through the whole process and ensure to stay in touch with you after lodging and granting your application. It doesn’t just end there. We will be there to remind you about important facts and dates.

What’s more?

Our migration agencies are located in Queensland: The Whitsundays, The Sunshine Coast and newly opened Brisbane office. We invest in technology, so we are able operate globally without the need of local offices. You can find our representatives in Poland, India and Philippines., operating on various time zones, so you don’t have to worry about delay in response.

Get In Touch With Us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any enquiry or you have any immigration request that you wish to discuss with us. Contact us today!