Who is a Migration Agent and  what Migration Agent does?

This is what DIBP says ”…The department accepts all applications lodged, regardless of who lodges them.  However, if you do not feel confident in lodging an application, or if your case is complex, you may want to engage a registered migration agent to help you in your dealings with the department…”

Migration agent, which is the same as any lawyer or accountant, represents you in dealing with the Immigration Department.

The most important thing is to understand what the migration agent can and will do for you. There are some general rules describing migration agent activities, and it is vaguely described in the Migration Agent Code of Conduct, but each migration agent has the right to adjust contracts to clarify the services that are included.

Look at people pretending to be an agent from overseas. Outside of Australia immigration department cannot force people to get registered so anybody can lodge your visa.

In Australia, agents must have trust account which guarantees you won’t ever lose your money

Only Australian agents face criminal charges for wrongdoing, while in the overseas, people can simply say sorry and they are pardoned.

General practitioners’ lawyers have the right to apply, but they mostly don’t know immigration law unless they studied it. So, they make most ‘’simple mistakes.’’

The advantage of our registered immigration agent is not only knowledge and ongoing training (every year, we usually see to the renewal of your licenses. And to do so, we must ensure that our agent has participated in the previous year training), but also have access to unpublished policies and procedures which are used as a guideline for case officers assessing your case. They change as often as every day and as registered migration access, we have to officially published policies but also as a member or professional organisation to their interpreting of court cases related to it etc

Our agency mostly works on lump sum contracts. Which means, we offer to run a case for a fixed sum, regardless of how much work we put into it.

Our technology and systems

As a legally registered migration agency, we have access to software for migration agents. This Software allows us to process data in a fast and very safe way properly.

It replaces the standard email communication and sending of attachment via email with a secure online portal.

Online portal allows us to exchange messages and documents, in real time and without fear of losing them.  If you want to learn more about it check details here…

What we offer

Our system goes in 5 stages all carefully monitored by automated system relating to data you have provided and the steps we made on your behalf.

Step 1

Initial assessment of possible options suiting your needs, timeframe, and budget including compiling personal data which is finalised with instruction letter where your situation is analysed against your plans and chances

Stage 2.

Completing documentation as agreed on step 1, via the online portal. Simply put, documents are attached online and then, they are transferred into immigration friendly system so after final approval can be attached to your application. This system allows you to attach documents anytime from anywhere. You also can share your login details with trusted people relevant to your application: employer, spouse, accountant, etc.

Stag 3

Once you have the documents which allow us to make the essential judgment on the case, we verify them and start preparing for lodgement.

In a situation case is urgent, you missing something, etc. we will provide you with the detailed expertise to ensure your chances of success.

In many situations, we can lodge your case but according to and strictly abiding with the code of conduct, as long as you are aware of the risks and deadlines. It is time you need to make some important decision.

By law, we must work and present our opinions based on documents and facts not on the premise of the document or possible facts. We hope you understand it as it is for your very own good.

Stage 4

Lodgement and post lodgement. Once everybody is happy with evidence and documentation, we then enter your data into a system. You will receive a copy which is to be checked before lodgement.

Once it is lodged, you will be provided with all relevant paperwork as it may be: bridging visa, invoices, acknowledgment letters, etc.

All available evidence is also attached.

From now on, you enter a more automated system where our smart system will be reminding you about missing documents, expiry dates, additional documents, etc. Don’t worry, for behind our smart system are standing our smart consultants. Things do not just happen on their own, and we manage on a daily basis your cases, even if you see the result, as an email or reminder now and then.

Whenever we make decision, we always hope for the positive. But, if for any reason there is any hinderance to the expectations, we will always keep you updated and informed beforehand.

Stage 5.

Once a decision is made, of course, we hope for a positive one; we keep you updated and keep reminding you about dates and obligations. Even though our legal obligation finishes here, we want to make sure that you are aware of what to do next: of your rights, what you can apply for, what the benefits of your visa are and so much more. So, even when your case is closed, we would like to stay in touch.

So if you wants to discuss your case with Us, contact us today!