More countries for working holiday visa

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20 % increase in visa applications last financial year. The Government is pursuing new reciprocal working visa agreements with 13 countries, including Brazil, Croatia, Fiji, India, Mexico, Monaco, the Philippines, Solomon Islands and Switzerland. From January 2020, second-year visa holders will be eligible to apply for a third year in Australia if they complete an [...]

November- end of Skilled Regional visa and beginning of Skilled Work Regional visa

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Clear as mud, isn't it? In plain English in November 489 Skilled visa ( part of GSM program) will be replaced by new visa 491 which is part of what we call Work visa.

Visa applicants should use Registered Migration Agents to avoid being scammed

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The latest Australian visa scam uses fraudulent migration agents wrongly advertising work and holiday visas to trick people and steal their money. To avoid being scammed, the Australian government reminds visa applicants to work with the Registered Migration Agent (RMA). They should "check the Register of Migration Agents, published on the OMARA website, to receive [...]


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FIND OUT HOW  RIGHT IMMIGRATION & VISA APPROACH MAY BENEFIT YOUR BUSINESS Do you have an overseas staff member looking to apply for an Australian visa, and looking for honest and professional advice? - Pacific Center consultants can help you! If you have an employee who wants to Study in Australia, and is looking for [...]

Northern Territory becoming hot spot on Australian map!

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In April we have visited Darwin to attend ICEF ANZA Darwin 2019. Great event, great people and completely new opportunity for You! Do you want to know why to choose NT to Study-Work& Live in Australia? Call us on 1300 10 50 50 https://go.pacific-center.net/work-live-study-travel-Australia

Nowa kariera w sercu Australii?

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Zawód kucharza to jeden z najbezpieczniejszych i najbardziej poszukiwanych w Australii. Nie tylko gwarantuje doskonałe zarobki, bezpieczeństwo pracy ale i możliwość przemieszczania się bez obaw o znalezienie pracy. Charles Darwin University otwiera zapisy na COMMERCIAL COOKERY III & IV Certificate III in Commercial Cookery Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery Jeśli to Cie interesuje, skontaktuj się [...]

Golf, Gold, Golf Not only for fun

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How about study Diploma of Golf Management. Available for International Students. You may think it is funny but t is great idea to start career in Sport or Tourism Industry. YOUR FIRST STEP TO A CAREER IN GOLF WHY CHOOSE THE PGA IGI? The PGA IGI is a leader in education for the golf industry. [...]

Discover your new world at Charles Darwin University

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Fantastic meeting with the team from CHARLES DARWIN UNIVERSITY! Great ideas and great offers for International Students INCLUDING INTERNATIONAL  SCHOLARSHIPS! The Territory is home to people from across Australia and the world. NT welcome anyone looking for new opportunities and a vibrant community to call home. CDU is one of the five leading universities [...]