155 Resident Return visa


​​​​​A Resident Return visa is a travel facility for:

  • current Australian permanent residents
  • some former Australian permanent residents
  • some former Australian citizens.

You will need a Resident Return visa if the travel facility on your current visa has expired (your first granted permanent visa has a 5 year travel facility) or is about to expire and you want to travel overseas and retain your permanent resident status.

Departing Australia without a RRV may impact your permanent residency requirements for citizenship.

You must be:

  • an Australian permanent resident
  • a former permanent resident whose last permanent visa was not cancelled
  • a former Australian citizen who lost or renounced your citizenship.

Length of stay

​This is a permanent visa that has a travel facility of up to 5 years.

Who Shell apply for 155 return visa?

  • If you are Australian permanent Resident and you do not have and dint apply for Citizenship.

As in most of the cases, there are many conditions and factors that would be considered, but full assessment is only possible once we have access to all information and documents. Please consider the information provided here as a general introduction. Hence it is important to understand whole program intention to apply successfully.

Other important factors?

  • How much time you spend in Australia since your PR visa was granted
  • If you plan travel soon
  • If you plan to apply for citizenship
  • What is your relationship with Australia, if you do not spend much time here

Why is it important?

PR visa is a Permanent Resident visa but with 5 year limit for travel. So leaving Australia without Right to return may cause you a lot of troubles. You may not be permitted to return to Australia in worst possible scenario or spend hours, sometimes days waiting for situation being sorted.

Visa fees

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Pacific Center  Immigration Agency can help you with:
Assessing your eligibility and chance of success
Manage your skills recognition (if required)
Assist employer with documentation including employment contracts, financial documents etc
Lodge Sponsorship and Nomination for Employer
Lodge visa application
Manage your bridging visa requirements
Stay in contact with Case Officer and respond when required.
Update you on current immigration policy and changes
Keep you up to date with progress of your application

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