Nearly in every city in Australia you will find school and courses suitable for international students. It is impossible to describe them all. We are working with over 100 schools in Australia and the have a very special relationship with Approximately 20 schools in different cities offering variety of the courses.

Our role as Agent Educational PIER is to help you to choose right option. What may seems to look like easy process, can actually tern in to a nightmare if done incorrectly. There is many factors to consider before you decide, where, what and how to study.

You should consider breaks between courses, order of your courses, entry requirements, visa classification etc.

Below you will find general idea what is available and what you can choose. We are not publishing prices and promotions as it is changing every day. Most schools offer special prices for preferred agents or with longer enrollment or for students from specific countries. This is why choose where and what you want to study and we will find you the best offer.

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