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Skilled Independent Visa 189 – What’s it all about?

Are you a skilled person? You could be eligible for permanent residency in Australia – just because of who you are & what you do…

The Skilled Independent Visa is essentially a golden ticket for eligible persons, and their family to get Permanent Residency rights in Australia. There is a little more to it, but if you are successful you would become Permanent resident, with absolutely no restrictions on work, living, travelling… ultimate freedom and security in Australia.

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The Skilled Independent, 189 visa is a points based assessment. The higher your points, the higher chance you have of success. Whilst this visa is well-known, it isn’t common. You have to meet several criteria to be eligible. First and foremost, your skills have to match to positions on the SOL list, which is a list of skilled occupation, deemed to be in shortage. Essentially, this is a complete list, of what the Australian economy needs, from Nurses to Engineers to Teachers.

If you can match your qualifications, skills and experience to a position on the SOL, you are already one step closer than you thought.

Qualifications that have been obtained overseas would need to be assessed and recognised by ‘SkillSelect’, to ensure that the skills and knowledge gained from overseas is at the same level that Australian qualifications would give. After this is complete, you would have to submit an ‘expression of interest’ EOI to SkillsSelect, before they may refer you to immigration and invite you to apply for the visa.

After that, it comes down to the level of qualification, age and language ability. Points are classified at different levels, for example, the highest points available are for people aged 25-34, but for any person to be successful they have to be between the ages of 18 and 50.

Also, direct family members of the skilled person can also be included in the application, also obtaining permanent residency by default. One of the major advantages of this visa, over other visa types is the fact that if successful, there are no restrictions or conditions on the applicant, you aren’t tied to a person, place or company.

So,  if you think you might be a skilled person such as this, please contact us for further information and let us help you to realise the Australian dream.