Vocational education and training (VET) is part of tertiary education and training, which provides training in job related and technical skills. It covers a large number of careers and industries such as trades, office work, retail, hospitality and technology etc. Qualifications range from certificate II to certificate IV, and diploma and advanced diploma.

VET courses can be offered by private colleges, government TAFE or Universities. Enrollment is based on number of semesters (usually 4 semesters in one calendar year). Most require English on a certain level or English study with a preferred provider to enroll without IELTS. Read more about English classes here.

Semesters start in January, April, July and October. January and July intakes are most popular.

Most clients choose Certificate III and IV and then Diploma qualifications for those who want to practice management in their discipline. Usually it take 6 months to a year to gain Certificate qualifications and another year to get Diploma qualification, but it can significantly vary.

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