All about 132 Business Talent visa

This visa allows you to establish a new or develop an existing business in Australia if you are a high-calibre business owner or part-owners who want to do business in Australia. Second option is for  for people who have sourced venture capital funding from a member of the Australian Venture Capital Association Limited (AVCAL).​

Subclass 132

How long can i stay on Business Talent visa?

It is permanent visa, so once it is granted you may stay indefinitly in Australia.

Processing times

  • 75% of applications: 20 months
  • 90% of applications: 21 months

Possible visa streams;?

1. Significant Business History stream

    You, your partner, or you and your partner combined must have all of the following:

  • total net assets of at least AUD400 000 as the ownership interest in one or more qualifying businesses for least two of the four fiscal years immediately before you are invited to apply and if the qualifying business(es) was a publicly listed company, a shareholding of at least 10 per cent of the total issued capital
  • net business and personal assets of at least AUD1.5 million that are legally acquired and can be transferred to Australia within two years after the visa is granted
  • a total annual turnover of at least AUD3 million in one or more of your main businesses in at least two of the four fiscal years immediately before you are invited to apply
  • ownership of at least:
    • 51 per cent of a business with turnover of less than AUD400 000 per year
    • 30 per cent of a business with turnover of more than AUD400 000 per year, or
    • 10 per cent of a publicly listed company
  • an overall successful business career
  • no involvement in unacceptable business activities
  • a genuine desire to own and maintain a management role in a business in Australia.

You must also be younger than 55 years of age, although a state or territory can waive this requirement if your proposed business will be of exceptional economic benefit to the region where it will operate.

2. Venture Capital Entrepreneur stream

You must have received at least AUD1 million in funding from an Australian venture capital firm.

The funding must be for the start-up, product commercialisation or business development of a promising high-value business idea.

The venture capital firm must be a member of the Australian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association Limited (AVCAL). AVCAL has information about the venture capital category of membership in its Venture Capital entrepreneur visa factsheet.

You must have entered into a formal agreement with the venture capital firm for the funding.

What you need to do to apply for Business Talent visa?

  • be nominated by a state or territory government agency
  • be invited to apply for the visa
  • have assets of AUD 1.5 million and business turnover of AUD 3 million (Significant Business History stream) or
  • have funding of at least AUD 1 million from an Australian venture capital firm (Venture Capital Entrepreneur stream).


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Every one of our staff has a wealth of experience in their chosen fields, so you’re sure to always get honest, accurate and up to date advice – this is why our business has grown and our success rate is extremely high.

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