Following the introduction of the Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF) in 2016, all students are now
required to submit a Statement of Purpose (SOP) together with their visa application.
The purpose of the SOP is to demonstrate that the student meets the Australian Government Department
of Immigration and Border Protection’s (DIBP) Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirements.
Students who cannot demonstrate that they meet the GTE requirements will be unlikely to be successful
with their visa application.
Note: All SOP’s must be written by the student (not the agent or a family member) and should match the
student’s current English ability.
Note: The SOP is an important part of the student visa application process and the information written
in the SOP must also be included in the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) section of the student visa
application portal. Students should either copy and paste the information they have written into this
section or add a note stating that the visa office should ‘refer to the Statement of Purpose document
included with the application’.
Generally, your SOP will need to include:
• Economic circumstances in your home country – this is extremely important and must be addressed
– You should detail family composition, number of dependents (if any), family income, family
employment details, assets (such as investments, property, vehicles etc.) and liabilities (mortgages
• Study or work gaps longer than 6 months:
– You should provide an explanation and attach documentary evidence to support your claims.
• Course/s of study listed in the application:
– You should include all courses you are intending to study at the University of Canberra, eg. English
language course, Diploma, Bachelor etc.
• The reason you have chosen the University of Canberra:
– You should include an explanation of why you have chosen to study at UC and also list other
Australian education providers you have applied to and what the outcome of those applications was.

• The reason you have chosen to study in Australia instead of your home country or usual country
of residence:
– You will need to explain the value of the UC course/s compared to a similar course in your home
– If you have incomplete qualifications from your home country, you must explain why you don’t
intend to finish the course in your home country and undertake a similar course in Australia
– You should provide information on which institutions in your home country you have either
applied to or have conducted research on.
– You should provide specific details on how you conducted your research.
• Details of planned living arrangements in Australia:
– You should include details of any partner/spouse, children, siblings, relatives or friends who are
in Australia, especially if you intend to reside with any of the above during your study at UC.
• The relevance of the course/s to your academic and/or employment background:
– You should detail any previous course/s and employment related to your intended study at UC,
and explain how the intended course is related to your previous qualifications and /or
– If your intended course is unrelated to your previous study or work, you must explain the reason
for the change in your career stream.
– If the course is lower or at the same level as your previous qualifications (eg. you have a
Bachelor degree and you are applying to study a Bachelor degree at UC), you must explain the
reason for accepting the considerable financial cost that comes with undertaking a lower or
same-level qualification.
• The relevance of the course/s to your future career and/or educational plans:
– You should detail the sort of employment you will be seeking on completion of your studies and
in what country you intend to work.
– You should include information on the research you have done with respect to your career
development, including:
o The likely salary increase on the completion of your intended course
o Names of the prospective companies you have approached in your home country
o Details of any other countries (including Australia if applicable) where you would consider
applying for positions following graduation
o Details of the type of position you would be eligible for upon graduation (eg. evidence of
email communication, research on company websites or employment websites)
o Information on the salaries that companies are currently offering for similar roles (eg. copies
of website information, email communication etc.)
Note: Students should be aware that any statements included on their SOP will need supporting
documents to substantiate their claims. For example, students who are undertaking study at UC for
the purpose of establishing a business when they return to their home country will need to submit
business plans and other evidentiary requirements to support this claim.