Condition 8578

Notify Department within 14 days of changes to visa holder’s residential address, contact details, passport details, employer address, and location of position

Condition 8579

  • Requires applicant to live, work and study (where relevant) in designated regional area
  • Permits visa holder to move between designated regional areas
  • Prevents visa holder from accessing any other skilled migration visa for at least three years
  • Cancellation provisions may apply if not compliant with Condition 8579

Condition 8580

Requires within 28 days, if requested in writing by the Minister, the visa holder’s residential address, address of employer, address of location of position employed in, address of any educational institution attended by visa holder

Condition 8581

Requires visa holder, if requested in writing by the Minister to attend an interview that may be undertaken face to face or by video conferencing applications

Condition 8608

The holder must work only in the nominated occupation identified in the application for the most recent Subclass 494 visa granted to the holder, must only work in position in nominating business or associated entity, unless occupation specified by the Minister or to fulfil a legal requirement after giving notice; commence work within 90 days of arriving in Australia; not cease work employment for more than 90 days; continue to hold license or registration.