We are very proud of our business. We have started 15 years ago as a small family operated business. We were helping few local people with theirs visa problems and we worked closely with Local TAFE.

Now we are proud of many offices, number of great stuff we work with and mostly thousands of clients we helped over years. Our clients are happy to share theirs stories and opinion with you. Those are real people and real stories of their lives.

If you have a story you can share with others or wish to let Pacific Center hard working team how you appreciate theirs work, please contact me.

That is our story.

Very approachable and Helpful.

I am very thankful of Piotr to help me throughout my 189 visa process. Piotr is very approachable and Helpful. From first day he was honest about everything but if i needed help, he was there to help.I will definitely recommend pacific to everyone out there who needs help with  visa processes. Thanks again To Pacific Center.

Hanna & Mark- Partner visa

Everything went smoothly and fast.

I am very thankful of Piotr to help me throughout my 189 visa process. Piotr is very approachable and Helpful. From first day he was honest about everything but if i needed help, he was there to help.I will definitely recommend pacific to everyone out there who needs help with  visa processes. Thanks again To Pacific Center.

Janki - Regional Work Visa

Great service with quick response and solution to any problem. Piotr and his knowledge is great. All team is doing great job. Highly recommended

Radek & Anna

Citizenship approved

Hi good morning Charlotte,I just want to say thank you and me Piotr for for very supportive service which is provided by your migration agency,I got very excellent guidelines to collect the supportive documents for my visa , today I m very pleased and feel proud because of your support, all your team members are very helpful , every time I did call to your office I get quick response, so I do appreciate your way of working, in the end I say thank you again.

Vivian- Citizenship

It has been 10 years alredy !

Dont know if you still remember me but i am Grace’s daughter you helped back in like more than 10yrs now ☺️ i am now a nurse here in Brisbane and me and my kids (tricia and sofie) are all doing great ☺️ but yeah i am still single after all these years but i dont mind that, i am happy with my kids and work right now ☺️

I always travel around the world, thats the advantage of having an aussie passport ☺️ (pls dont post this ehe)Ok, i just thought id say hi ☺️ June 2nd marks our 10th year in Australia ☺️


Very Professional. Easy to communicate and quick response to inquiries. just got my 187 RSMS Visa in less than a year.

Alan - Work visa

So happy, so thankful!

Thank you, thank you. What an amazing service. Thank you all team. You are great and patient and i could never do it without you. Thank you for being so patient with me. I know it was stressful sometimes but you always found a way.

Janusz - Student visa

Chcielibyśmy bardzo serdecznie podziękować za ogromną pomoc w uzyskaniu wizy partnerskiej Panu Piotrowi Ferencowi i jego pracownikom.Wykazali się oni fachowością,rzetelnością i konkretną pomocą na każdym etapie naszej współpracy.Każdemu,kto szuka agenta do spraw migracji w Australii,bardzo gorąco polecamy pana Piotra!

Jolanta i Andrzej- Partner visa

Piotr and his team help us a lot with applying for my student visa, They are kind, and helpful, They have answered all my questions, and I recommend the Pacific Center

Do zobaczenia!

Kuba - Student Visa


So how did it start …

Since childhood, Australia has always aroused curiosity in me through its diversity in culture, beautiful nature and its size. As is the great Australia, every city, each place is different from each other and that’s why this country has always attracted me so much …

After graduating from high school, I decided to start my little adventure to Australia.

I tried to find a solution how to see this country and at the same moment also have right to work, and what was most important how to develop my language skills in English.

I done some online research what the entry requirement is to start my adventure.

Due to the intermediate level of English I decided to choose English Course at the beginning, and it turned out to be a good idea and the Student Visa turned out to be the best solution.

I was seeking for information on various portals like Migration Agencies websites, YouTube, Instagram, personal blogs people who traveled through Australia and those who live there permanently. I found many relevant advices which helped me to make the final decision. There are many Language Schools available on the market with different course options, but I decided to consult the Migration Agency, which helped me in the visa application process, explained all worrying parts of migration and the select the right course, which had a chance to receive a positive decision from Immigration Department. It is very important to choose a school that meets all requirements.

Then, when the application process started everything went so quickly from that point.

Next steps before leaving it was checking what I need in Australia, what I can bring with me, and what is forbidden to bring. Many Advices on how to look for accommodation and help in organising various documents I received from Migration Agency and from school even if I was still offshore.

Language school turned out to be a greatest adventure. Firstly, I learnt the language using it daily and I met wonderful people from all parts of the world. I got to know not only the culture of Australia, but also other cultures…. And I still exploring the beauty of Australia ………

If I need to take this step again, I would do it definitely!!!!

Paulina , from Poland

My story

13 years ago, I completed my degree and was looking for the next step in my life. My husband mentioned taking a gap year in Australia.

We were both looking for jobs, no kids, so it seemed like a great idea. We packed our bags and 2 months later we landed in Melbourne.

First, I couldn’t believe how cold it was in Melbourne – it was April, but being from Europe it was hard for us to believe there was such as thing as winter in Australia!  Hot girls on the beach (my husband’s input) and cold drinks all year around. Well – no!

We travelled along the east coast, and arrived to Airlie Beach.

We fell in love with tropical Queensland’s sailing, great barrier reef, life style… everything really

We then contacted Pacific Center and the migration agent told us what to do to stay here permanently.

I must say, wasn’t probably the fastest, cheapest or easiest way but it worked. We got our qualifications sorted, got a great job and 2.5 years later we were permanent residents.

It was a big job, and it took a lot of hard work and preparation but our employer was really helpful and PC team guided us perfectly, step by step, encouraging us to get everything in order. They were truly helpful and professional and completely honest with us about if something wasn’t right or something wouldn’t work for us.

This is the reason we were so thankful to them, they didn’t give up and let us cut the corners when we had enough. They waited, and come back to us again and again with info and updates. The results we got were amazing. We got our visa, no questions asked!

We have now been in Airlie now for 4 years. Looking to change places, have a new job, 2 kids so life is different but great.

Thank you guys!