Work visa allow you to stay and work in Australia permanently or for a short period of stay. Some of temporary work visas may lead to permanent stay

Work visas are available for people who have a job offer from Australian employer who is not able to recruit suitable person on local market.

Employment is considered as permanent work offer, temporary contract or other work commitment as own business or investment.

All work visa requires:

  • Suitable qualifications
  • Work experience
  • English language skills

Your Sponsor (Employer) will have to demonstrate evidence for legal operations, financial capability to pay wages and efforts to find candidates to work on local market. You will need a formal employment contract with specific work conditions. We do provide full assistance for Sponsors with preparation of those documents.

187 Regional Sponsored RSMS Visa

To apply for RSMS visa, you must have an offer of work in regional Australia. It is a very beneficial visa, for both parties: employer and employee. RSMS visa is one stage, permanent visa. Once 187 visa it is granted there is no need to apply for any further visa. It allows you to apply for Medicare at the time of lodgement.

Since 2018, you may apply for 187 visa only if your proposed occupation is on on of those two lists: MLTSSL lub ROL.


Old 457 – new 482 Temporary Skill Shortage visa (TSS)

Australian employer may sponsor you on 482 TSS visa if is unable to find suitable employee on Australian labor market. 482 visa may be issued for period from 1 day (sic!) up to 2 or 4 years. How long is TSS 482 visa issued for, deepens on proposed occupation and which list  is it on.
Occupations from Short Term list allows you to apply for maximum 2 tear visa, with one option to renew it. When applying from that list, you are not allowed to apply for Permanent Residency in so called Transitional Stream.
Medium and Long Stay List is considered as list of strategic occupations and allows to apply for maximum 4 year stay, can be renewed multiple times and it may lead to Permanent Residency in Transitional stream.

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400 Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) visa

  • o apply for 400 visa you must have an invitation from Australian employer for a short term contract or specific job. Visa is usually granted for 3 months. In some circumstances visa 400 can be issued for 6 months maximum stay.
  • Suitable qualifications and work experience relevant for position will be required.
  • English skills at suitable level may be required.